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News  - November 20, 2018
A few months ago, I was working on an image resizer software for Windows; but I've decided to re-write it in a different programming language and make it available for Linux first, and Windows later. The image resizer software is written using Python and GTK+3, and will be open-source.

A name still hasn't been decided for the image resizer software. Overall, it isn't exactly anime-related, but I hope to release it for both Linux and Windows. The highlight of the software is that it can take advantage of multiple CPU's and Cores to speed up batch image resizing. For example, if you have 4 images that you want to resize, and if you have a quad-core processor, the software will be capable of resizing 4 images simultaneously (1 image per core), instead of 1 by 1. Each CPU or Core will resize a separate image, all at the same time. This is called parallel processing, and the upcoming image resizing software will support it.

I'll share screenshots of the new image resizer app once it's closer to being released.

I don't have any new updates to share about Hikari Anime Chat and Hikari Stories (yet).
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